New Portals added to our Channel Manager WooDoo: JacTravel, MaxMind and BestDay

Hello Everyone!,

We were mentioning it before however, we can now confirm some very exciting new connectivities. There are many many channels out there and the more new markets come into play the more channels that will become important and interesting to connect with. So, as always we will be listening to your needs and follow the new connectivities path with that in mind.

Today we are very happy to announce these new reservation sites additions because are of particular interest for properties we manage directly from the Barcelona office and no doubt will add value to our offer.  Obviously please do keep requesting new connectivities, do keep helping us with your insights, comments and feedback that good or bad is always taken into consideration. WuBook is growing and growing big time, the ToDo  list is too and so is the Spanish speaking community – which we are adapting to as fast as it grows.

And so, the new channels connected are:

JacTravel based in England, MaxMind based in Holland and BestDay based both in México and Argentina.




As you know, we like promoting these new connections and so, for all of you who decide to sign in to one of them in the next few months, we will give you 6 months Free of Charge service to the chosen portal by using this link:

WooDoo Promo

Also, this is the list of contact details of each portal so that you can request information easily:
JacTravel: register new client:
MaxMind: contacts
BestDay: contacts

In regards to the configuration details,  set up and connectivity characteristics we are putting together a doc to have all the information handy including the OTAs details and to make it easier to set them up and manage them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.


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