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Dear All,

It has been a few weeks of hard work in which we have managed to publish a new statistics system. We have certainly improved the consultation and information and have too reconfigured the tracking system (almost) from scratch. Now is fully renovated. It seems the new setting starts taking interesting prospects.

Let’s see the details of this update.
First of all, on the welcome page, there are new global statistics that demonstrate the trend of the market (and with “market” is always understood the market generated by wubookers, which is not universal nor geographical, but generates interesting data nonetheless). The new statistics in the welcome page, allow to have a very quick picture of the situation, comparing the performance of an accommodation globally.

Here’s a preview:


With this update we have enhanced the statistics related to the Fount Sites (TripAdvisor, Trivago, Google Hotel Ads…). However, we cannot guarantee that the statistics of Fount Sites are 100% accurate. Why? Simply because if a user finds a property on TripAdvisor (for example), will end up accesing WuBook´s booking engine and at this point the system will count the visit and will pay its relative cost per click to TripAdvisor. But, lets say that the client does not make the reservation immediately and instead continues surfing the internet for other options. Only after decides to go back to the hotel´s website to make the reservation; in this case the visit and the reservation will be counted as if it was coming directly from the hotel´s site, even if the original “contact” was through TripAdvisor.

This partially incorrect tracking will be looked into for improvements though is a very complex concept, not only at technical level (how to track clients who leave wubook to turn back after a few minutes/hours) but also on the concept. Meaning that, if this client “discovers” a property on a Fount Site but decides to continue comparing alternatives and then comes back to the website to confirm the reservation… Whom in this case should be awarded with the lead? This is an open question and we will appreciate your comments and thoughts in this matter.

In any case and having the above discussion in mind, I am sure you will find the new statistics tool of great help when trying to better understand the online market trends..


Under the tab Bookland/WuBook, you can generate a detailed report of your booking engine or a Fount Site, and will appear like this:


As you can see, we try to show you with maximum detail all online logs related to the Booking Engine. We have also included Channel Manager (WooDoo) reports and you can filter data to be shown.


Finally we have decided to dedicate one whole section to the Fount Sites: right now you can only generate reports of Trivago and Google Hotel Ads. They are the only 2 partners who share their number of visits, costs and campaign trends figures with us. Tripadvisor allows read-only of all figures directly from their control panel.


We really hope this new BookLand and new statistics system help you when evaluating your results. As ever we would really appreciate your comments.

With best regards,

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