New support system: faster responses and a dedicated chat room

Dear Wubookers,

While the development of new technological solutions never stops, another aspect that distinguish us from the rest and for which we will not spare any effort and dedication is the support. The support is a fundamental aspect of service and for this simple reason has always been a pillar of our offer.

Up until now we´ve had an IRC chat room where you could get immediate answers from our account managers or directly by our technicians. This, together with our tickets system, has worked well so far but the time has come to take a step forward. So we introduce the new support system which is based on Zendesk technology.

Main aspects to consider:

Before, you could get in touch with us by accessing the chat room from the lifesaver icon in your control panel. Now, need only click the black support tab located on the left hand side of your control panel. All the answers you seek will be there.

The chat support remains unchanged, only now is better organized. Each client will have a dedicated chat room with one or more agents giving response to your query. More Support, Quicker Response Time and More Privacy. It is also possible to assign each query to an agent (account manager) to follow up until the completion and resolution of each case in a more transparent way. We have also made available complete and detailed documentation on FAQ. These docs are available on self search for everyone and our ticketing service remains a 24/7 tool.

In the weeks we have been using this new system responses have been much more rapid, complete and the service level provided is of a much better standard.

2015 has started the best way possible for us and I wish you all WuBookers the same!!

2 thoughts on “New support system: faster responses and a dedicated chat room

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    Muchas gracias.

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