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Dears WuBookers,

it has been few weeks ago we started to work on a new version of Tabla aiming to allow a complete price management over all the pricing plans (but also restrictions plans) you may have. We are happy to be able to announce it today. This release is joined by a new version of Sytar as well, in which we added the a similar level of flexibility (updates can be done over all the pricing plans and over all the restrictions plans).

For those who are making a dynamic pricing policy (based on revenue and yield rules) this would mean a grest step ahead. The possiibility to consult and modify prices in Tabla for any rate you want to touch is something huge. Also, because Tabla becomes a “unique” place where you can do mostly everything. You do not need to open tons of pages, making lots of clicks to modify rate plans. All in one! Anyway, for those who are still using a unique rate with different periods in it (not used to daily change prices) everything will continue the same way.

Today we have two Rate Plans types: Intensive and Daily. You already know the Intensive ones. You must go into the details and create a new price period in it. The Daily are new and have been inserted to be modify and manage in Tabla. The old Rate Plans can be converted to the new model, if you prefer. Both of them could be connected to the channel manager, special offers, discount codes and so on.

Both Pricing Plans support predefined prices (for defaullt) and could be used to define basic pricing policies for each rate (domeone uses predefined prices as ideal marketing profile with, for example, connected offers, cancellation policies and/or promotions).

Well, the new version of Tabla allows to select Pricing Plans and Restrictions Plans:


Once a plan is selected, just click on Load (note we insert the “today” Botton to upload Tabla starting from today) and datas are inmediately shown. Values can be saved, changed or just consulted for the Price and the Restriction Plans selected. Just to be clear, Intensive Plans could not be modified on Tabla unless you decide to convert them into Daily Plans. And this operation is irreversible.

The ones using the Channel Manager and have multiple rates on the OTAs, and let’s take as a classic example, one unique creen allows to keep all prices and promotions under control.

Also Sytar, as I previously mentionned, has been modified qith the same aim. Here you are:


As you can see, you can work on Restrictions, Availability or Prices. A dropdown menu will open the chance massively modify values.

We are sure this will help a lot in being fast to keep up to date all your online resell. I want to say thanks to those who have tested the new version and gave us suggestions to better implement this upgrade. Please, feel free to share your thoughts on our forum.

What else… Enjoy!

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