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Dear WuBookers, we have all heard that Internet has changed and will continue to change our habits. Although the question is not yet so true for everyone, the changes that Internet has made possible to bring to the hospitality sector are evident, such as, for example, the increasingly new technologies for hotels available to everyone, both large and small properties.

New technologies for hotels: trends in the guest experience

The future of hospitality really looks to be increasingly technological and increasingly aimed at the needs of customers and facility managers.

There are truly unique innovations to come such as Hotel Robots: real resources designed to help managers in cleaning floors or sanitizing areas. These “helpers” can also be used for luggage transport, security, room service and waiting at the restaurant.

Furthermore, thanks to virtual reality, customers have the opportunity to discover the environments available in the chosen accomodation. In this way they will be even more encouraged to book a room.

In the hotel management of guests, facial recognition is spreading out, both in order to improve the levels of security and privacy, and to constitute – together with electronic payments – an additional method of verification.

Internet of Things and new hotel technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is our present in new hotel technologies. Many of you may have already tested it somewhere, perhaps by remotely turning on the air conditioning system in order to get home and find it at the right temperature.

Once there was talk of home automation; today the topic has extended to all smart objects that are part of our daily lives and that, thanks to digital technology, allow the exchange of information owned, collected and/or processed.

In fact, it is precisely the possibility of making users interact with hardware infrastructures that dominates many aspects of technological research. If then, to the “simple” human-hardware interaction, the range of possibilities were extended by making use of the personal preferences of the user, of his “history” as a user, then the possibilities would be endless.

We at WuBook have entered into some partnerships with service providers who, in our opinion, today offer simple, reliable and highly rewarding solutions. Let’s see them better in detail.

Vikey e Keyless: mobile check in and check out

One of the most proven offers is the remote opening, via smartphone, of the entrance to rooms, apartments and other accommodation facilities.

Through our Property Management System (PMS) Zak, thanks to the partnership with Vikey, it is possible to enable guests’ smartphones so that, once they have entered the accomodaation, they can independently check-in (and check-out at the end of the stay) and, therefore, receive the virtual key which allows them to access their rooms.

Another solution that we are able to offer is the partnership with Keyless. Keyless allows the complete automation of your property, managing the issuance of QR codes to open the doors. Again, integration with Zak is complete.

The greater autonomy of the guest allows the host to lighten the reception and make it more flexible, 24 hours a day all year round.

Kylix: the restaurant management software

If you manage your facility to the best with Zak, now you can also manage your restaurant better, from a single interface, all in the cloud. Kylix is the module that expands Zak’s management power and is focused on the catering service related to the hospitality.

  • You can create a digital menu and share it via QR code with customers. You can update it through the restaurant software and also, if necessary, print it.
  • Ability to create a digital menu with a list of allergens.
  • It is possible to create hierarchies of operators with differentiated management powers.
  • The dining room staff, with a simple click, can take the order at the table and send it comfortably both to the kitchen and to the cashier. Therefore, the cash register in the cloud allows you to automatically associate the restaurant order to the room invoice.
  • The dining room staff can specify the serving order of the courses (eg first to go out the appetizers, then the main courses, then the desserts).
  • In the case of large tables or events, Kylix allows each guest to pay for what they have consumed, or to divide the total in equal parts.
  • You can choose, even at the last moment, to include restaurant extras in reservations, such as wine or dessert or other, obtaining a single invoice for room and table.
  • Kylix allows you to add extra meals even to an invoice already issued for a specific reservation.

It is also possible to customize the offer at meals based on the treatments with which the rooms are sold, providing a quick and efficient service for the guests.

The dining room staff has the ability to operate on Kylix, via smartphone or tablet using a dedicated web App, managing take-away orders in the same way as they would manage those of guests in the dining room. Finally, it is possible to monitor the sale of your products to guests or to restaurant customers, easily understanding the trend of requests.


These services, which integrate perfectly with our PMS Zak , have the possibility of offering a decisive step forward to your business. Whether they are services aimed at automating the reception, or platforms that help to easily manage catering, they are both efficient solutions that we would like to recommend

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