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Dear WuBookers,

We are happy to announce our latest updates on WooDoo.
A few small upgrades that will make your life easier when using the Channel Manager.

This is a quick summary of them all:

Currently migrating all channel interfaces to the new version. The new interface will show two new features:
1. We have deleted the double confirmation (Test parameters + continue) to re-configure the channel, instead added a single new button "Re-configurate".
2. In the event of an error during re-configuration an error message will be displayed explaining the cause (wrong credentials, no rooms found, connection problem, etc.)

In the tabs WOODOO>RESERVATION ERRORS we show a list of all incoming reservations that, for whatever reason WooDoo could not integrate and, when possible, we will display the cause of the error (missing reserved room, expired services, original missing, etc.).
It will make it easier to identify the reason for the error, fix it and force an integration.

For certain type of integration errors you will be able to choose whether you want to receive an email notification every time this error occurs or not.
This configuration can be done in WOODOO>SETTINGS and under "Notification of Integration Errors"

From WOODOO>SETTINGS and "channel settings" you will be able to specify, for each channel, if you want to update rounded prices and up to what decimal you need it.
This is specially useful for those who use virtual plans calculating prices that sometimes result in figures with many decimal places and would rather send rounded figures to the channel.

These upgrades have been developed for you and thanks to your suggestions. We hope you find them useful and keep helping us grow with your comments.


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