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Dear WuBookers,

we are happy and proud to inform you about the important news regarding our/your booking engine. These news are crucial for an easier application and will hopefully result in higher conversion rates, especially adequately covering those limited cases where the user, struggling with the booking, finds himself facing the infamous unavailability message.

To be more clear: when a customer included the desired dates and number of nights, especially during the high season, could encounter with an unavailability message, without any real alternatives. Although the message was customizable in different languages from the WuBook panel, this “limit” could represent a little obstacle during the reservation process.

Moreover, the old version did not allow customer to effectively visualize the possible date for an alternative stay.

From today, a certain series of boxes will be shown close to the unavailability message. The boxes contain the “recommended” alternative dates that reflect the parameters of the specified “stay”: arrival dates close to those initially required, maintaining the same number of nights requested. The boxes are clickable and directly lead to the next step.

Here attached a screen shot:


We are sure this new feature will be very useful both to extend your commercial offer and to facilitate the reservation process even for the “shy or lazy users” who will have a series of useful tips based on the chosen stay!

Another important news regards the renewed section “flexible dates”: firstly, we have unified the old two forms into one, with the possibility to consult the flexible dates or not.

The most relevant news appears when the user decides to make a search for flexible dates: a chart structure appears showing a list of coloured bars in different blue tints, which represent the existence of availability and relative rates.

We tried concentrate many useful and accessible information into what we consider a good infographic: the bars’ length corresponds to stay duration, then the availability for a certain stay, while the minimum price for the relevant stay is shown on the bar.

Moreover, the more intense gradient represents an higher cost per night. Anyway, you will find a legend beside the box, showing ow the prices per night gradually increase, with the intensifying blue tint.

Below the table, you will find the controls to scroll through the results and to organize them depending on the stay length.

The table shows the results highlighting the more convenient prices for the customers but if you click on the option “Sort by length of stay”, you will be able to visualize first the availability periods closer, in duration, to the dates initially required by the customer.

In order to provide you with a comprehensible and useful commercial tool, able to clearly show the prices variation in the relevant periods; during its development we followed the logic of showing longer and cheaper stays, provided their convenience, in order to further tempt the user in case he has no duration restrictions.

As usual, we are looking forward to receiving for your useful feedbacks.

Thanks to all!!



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  1. I still think the best pratice to show prices and availability is a calendar kind of layout, when you have a room (with photo) and the dates of the week in a calendar, every one is able to distinguishe when to book by only visualizing it.

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