Online Booking Engine: extra images and some other improvement

Dear WuBookers,

I know you are waiting long time…and long time requiring the same…but finally we have it. You can now upload images to the extra created in the extranet. Sorry for the delay, but we have always tons of things to do, we hardy find time to continue developing as we like. Anyway, now the World cup is going to finish and we’ll have obviously more spare time (I’m joking..we do not!) 😛

Late is better than never (we usually say in Italy). so, this update is not coming alone and we have added some other details, overall graphic details, to improve performances on the CP (conversion percentage) of our online booking system. I reveal in advance that during the next days/weeks we will add much more.

This is a preview of the new interface:


As you may see we decided to take out some information that was stealing space to main object. For example there are no more blue squares with “best price”, “bids”, “feedbacks” and so on: this way, the aim is to have more space to focus on the rooms and prices and availability. It looks to me much more simple, inmediate and  friendly.

Languages are too many (more than 20): form now on a drop-down menu will allow custoers to change language of the interface as request. Once again the idea is to show a simple presentation of the online offer.


And then we, finally, decided to allow image upload for Extras.

Now extras have more importance on the reservation process, as it is something hosts can value more than before. Finally you can add photos to the descriptions of each extra service you offer on your property.

I’ll be back soon with a new project, the Revendell Project. It is about a virtual site where we will show you all the potencial of our booking engine, with all the feature you can use and add to get a better presentation of yuor property: One Click Bookings (both for Packages and direct Room Booking), the widget and about a new widget of the Feedbacks. You will be able to install a feedback widget directly on your website to show the commentaries of your hosts.

Stay tuned..

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