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Dear WuBookers,

We have just introuduced, a part from Paypal, BancaSella, PagoSeguro and BBVA; another payment Gateway to allow you to receive payments online as confirmation of your direct reservations – Unicredit, which seems to have lower commission levels than PayPal – for example.


I explain you first how Payment Gateways work on your online reception (booking engine):

A payment gateway allows you to receive immediate payments as confirmation of reservations. The Booking Engine WuBook, in this sense, is very very flexible and allows you to play around very well with this function ‘, for example:

  • You can request payment of a special offer. For example, for all the Non Refundable. Once you have configured a Non Refundable special offer, you can make it available only with a deposit payment – or 100% of the reservation. Smart!, isn´t it? The fact you shouldn´t have same restrictions for your standard rate is so that every visitor can choose what is best for them, making your booking engine “tasty” for everyone.
  • You can request payment for all your reservations: setting up a deposit or the full ammount, the online reception will request each visitor to make the payment to be able to confirm the reservation.

How is it done? First of all, you need to create an account with the Gateway of choise supported by WuBook. Once you have a post with them you will be able to congigure the Gateway (PG) on WuBook in the menu FACILITY>FACILITY>GATEWAY. Once the PG is configured you can set up the generic value to be charged. Or, for every special offer you create, you can select the value to be charged.

Please note that requesting a payment of a Non Refundable rate could be a good idea. However, requesting it for every single offer or rate, when perhaps on OTAs is not requested, can lead to visitors going to make the reservation on the OTA instead of directly on your booking engine. That is why we recommend you use this powerful feature as an added value and not a restriction!

Best regards!

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