Restyling is coming and potential inconveniences


as you already know, WuBooK never sleeps.

Research, innovation and development are fundamental for us and represent the only way to provide you with more and more sophisticated tools, capable to adapt themselves to a market that continuously changes , like the nowadays on-line world..

For this reason, we have worked days and nights in order to make our systems even more skilled and efficient.

Since I started working in WuBooK (2 years), I’ve always pushed on improving the graphic area, in order to obtain a fresh, “solar” and chic style, always trying to maintain the usual cleaning and graphic identity.

This is a very difficult challenge, especially for the programmers who, in these years, have focused themselves on technology and system functionalities (thank God!) with a minor interest for the graphic area.

Just to give you an idea: think for a moment to an iceberg, the upper part being your control panel, which is sustained by a mountain of technology, data, server and back up. This is WuBooK.

Apparently, the “submerged” part seems not to be very ductile, to the point that it seems not able to contemplate important graphic and aesthetic changes.

Finally, few months ago, Andrea (aka Pink, maybe for his empathy to colors!) joined the team as a professional graphic and he is working, with assiduity and accuracy, on the iceberg base to propose to you a customized “dress”: a new control panel more usable, fresh and tidy.


In the next few days we will present a part of the changes modifications we are working on, little but important “tiles”, forerunners of new future graphic changes that we will share with you step by step, pursuing a model of “slow” and sustainable development for both of us. This will ensure that our systems will be not too loaded and, at the same time, your use experience will be not overturned.

The being said, I want to point out that when published the first changes, some possible graphic errors may occur, but we will retain the full control on them and we will be able to solve them promptly, in order to avoid potential inconveniences.

Please, trust us, since an eventual little inconvenience will be largely rewarded by the new changes, in order to introduce to you a new dimension of usability and performances even more elevated and refined.



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