Security and Credit Card Management


Dear WuBookers,

Just a quick line to update you all about a small improvement. The section that allows you to create and manage the password to decrypt credit card details has been moved from its usual place.

Instead of finding it here:


You will be able to find it in the Auth Factory, here:


Why? Because we are working really hard into merging Zak and WuBook and this is a small step towards that goal – making this function generic on the Auth Factory.

Those of you who use Zak would have noticed a few updates oriented to simplifying the integration between these 2 tools. Online reservations for example are now integrated into ZAK in real time – immediately.

Also, in the next few hours, it will be possible to acces credit card details directly from Zak with a simple click. We are investing  a lot on Zak right now and you will all be able to see and enjoy of  many updates very soon.

Going back to security, I will list hereafter a couple of things we think are of your interest:

  • We are in the process of obtaining the certificate Pci Compliance . Which is all about respecting very high (and expensive, both on the development front as on certification costs and future audits) security standards. By the end of this year we will be PCI Compliant. With this in mind we will work then on offering you the possibility to use WuBook as a POS (perhaps with a lower commission level to that you get charged by your bank). We are already working on it.
  • The encrypting system we have currently in place is VVery secure. State of Art System. It uses contemporarily 3 different encrypting systems (2 symmetric and 1 asymmetric). The password each of you choose becomes a sort of key to access those details.

This is it for now! Your comments, as ever, are always more than welcome

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