Security: switch on the monitor!

Dear WuBookers,

we are working on security issues. We have several objectives and today we are closing the first chapter, regarding the monitoring of accesses.

We always have monitored (in a very detailed way) every access made in WuBooK, but what we have added (or we are trying to add) is a more intelligent accesses control which, in addition, is also directly monitorable by the users.

Therefore, a new section Security is available on the Auth Factory:

This section is intended to be used for the control of people who make (and made) access to your account. We have worked to obtain usable data, adding information on the utilized device, the browser and even the operating system and geographical information, when possible:


In this way it is easier to understand and link the accesses to operators.

We want to immediately point out that the information displayed in the Security section are not (and never will be) 100% reliable, (apart from the IP address).

An ultimate method to solve the security problems does not exist, but many little interventions all together could considerably increase the danger level.

This is only the first step. Further developments and improvements will follow.

Another important information: by clicking on the subsection Access Notifications (translationswill follow soon) it is even possible to set up WuBooK so that it notifies you the unusual accesses or rather, more precisely, Accesses that seem Unusual (false positives are possible).

You can set up 4 different Security levels: Zero, Low, Average, High. Obviously, the higher the level the more emails will be received (and potentially more ‘false positives’).

One more e-mail, among the daily 12.000, is probably a good price to pay to be safer. We decided to set up, by default, a Zero limit, since the system is still experimental and we would like to avoid alarming communication.

In case you either prefer to set up a different security level or you receive too much or wrong notifications, please let us know. This technology will require some time to be “dressed up” in the best way.

Thanks to all for the attention!



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