Signatours connection with Woodoo (In-italia, In-france, Hideaways)

Woodoo grow up. Today we are launching the connection to the Signatours portal (

Signatours works mainly on the Scandinavian area (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) but it is also operative on market with French and German languages.

The room selling is managed by 3 portals: In-Italia (6 languages), In-france (3 languages) and Hideaways (3 languages).

From June, 2016 the private capital Braganza, already owner of other tour operator (Escape e Ticket – see at invested on Signatours becoming an associate.

The channels managed by Signatours can accept hotel and extra hotel properties.

A property can be activated on one or more sale channels depending on:

– In-italia can intermediate only property on the Italian area;

In-france can intermediate only property on the French area;

– Hideaways works on holiday packages, blending flight and vacation on luxury properties in all Mediterranean area.

You should know that the free WI-fi connection is necessary to be selected by the channel.

For all properties NOT located into art cities, being hotel, B&B, residence or villa, the swimming pool is requested.

The campgrounds are not accepted, apart from a very few exceptions; for hotels and B&B is necessary the bathroom located into the room.

For registration on one or more portals you can addressed to the contracts department (itaian number), 02 600 606 33.


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