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Dear WuBookers,

after a brief visit to ITB in Berlin, I feel a few lines about the current situation and the experience we have lived in there, are needed. And maybe it could be a good chance to share some news with you.

The ITB (the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show) does not need any presentation in here. I just want to confirm we found it really big, complete and well-organized. Obviously, all the biggest players of the tourism market were there and some of them were also running very strong advertising actions (Mexico Tourism Department over all!). We had visited with a kind of curiosity the Italian stand and found it (with a bit of surprise and pleasure) crowded of institutional people.. 😀

Regarding our business, we then browsed with particular interest the IT area, making some good meeting and discussing a while with some of our important partners. I would like to use this space to say thanks to those who found the time to stay and chat with us even in the middle of a very busy agenda and in a busy atmosphere.

In this sense it is true that WuBook, even with its natural tendency to escape from these kind of environments, is generating the interest of the IT tourism sector. We are creating our own space and are very proud of it.

As a consequence of this aim, our group has recently achieve new players. Very good people, boys and girls with skills, motivation and sense of humour. Amber, who is leading the Online Reception development has been already introduced in a previous article, but we also have Enrico (Avocado) and Daniele (Ivory) who are supporting the tech development and helping to keep up the good job. I want to underline one more time the importance WuBook gives to its High-Tech profile.

wu_mirrorBut anyway, the number of account managers had to increase as well. This is not because we need to improve the support to our customers (WuBook wants to keep the easiness and friendliness as main features of its own offer) but the number of customers has increased so much, we needed more people! And not just for the italian market…

In Italy we have now Marco (Lime) and Genni (Rose) too. They are giving a huge help to new customers in setting-up the software and configuring all the features to work properly. I am also proud to say we have moved to our new office in Barcelona (Spain) and we’ll be very happy to receive you here whenever you pass by. You will find Lénaïck (aka Blue) and myself, ready to discover the city! Lenaick is in charge of french WuBook.

Dulcis in fundo let’s say “Welcome” to Gilad (Crimson) who will help us to reinforce our presence in the Middle East area.

We hope to announce very soon other new people, but I suppose colours are finishing unfortunately!!! Anyway, we can continue to release and announce new tools, new features and a no-stop innovation process. This, I am sure, we’ll never end!

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