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The topic was born on our italian forum, and due to the volume of commentaries generated and the quality of the discussion on it, we decided to take action. Talking about Mobile and particularly about flexibility of WuBook Online Reception for the Mobile world.

Our Booking Engine is, as you may know, already “adaptive”: if opened through a mobile device, it adapts contents (some of them are removed to achieve more space as screens are smaller). We are working on a new mobile version, even more powerful, probably ready in a few weeks.

But as promised, we already have added some important statistics. We are tracking, for each visit done on the booking engine, not only the whole informations you are used to have on Bookland, but also new details about the device used to make the visit, the browser used and here you have an image of it:


As you can see, we are showing for each request made on the booking engine, the device used (by pointing the mouse over the icons, a description appears) and the used browser (chrome, safari, firefox or explorer). This list is already something nice and useful, but the info adquires even an higher value on Bookland Reports, where you can see additional stats, explaining with percentage, for example, on how Mobile impacts on traffic:


I think it is a great step forward on Transparency. Each of you is now able to understand the impact of the mobile compatibility on his business online. Each bookland report will have this data in it, form now on. Let’s check and analyze datas all together during this 2014 in order to monitor trends and re-act with the maximum effectiveness!

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