The Feedbacks Widget for your WebSite

So well,

we have developed a new Widget! It is ready to be installe on your WebSite and, to be quick, it is as always as simple as clear to do. It is just a copy/paste action to have it on your web pages and show your visitors the full commentaries previously received by other guests. So, with a simple copy/paste you can publish on your website all the feedbacks received through WuBook.

Here you have an example (but the widget could be horizontal as well!):

The idea to create an exclusive portal to publish all the WuBook feedbacks (there are already a lot!!) is still alive and I must say we are almost ready to release it. But, we really cannot find spare time to complete the task and give it the “kick off”… lol

Meanwhile, this news is a good manner to value the commentaries of your guests: to have a good evaluation is always a way to transmit reliability and credibility of your services through the web. As you know, the online web is a cold medium, and we need to be as warm as possible with our potential guests!

So, to generate the widget (to have the html code to copy/paste onto the web) is very easy: just enter the Feedbacks/Widget section on the control panel and the most is done.

Next post on this blog will be about Rivendell Project, a full Demo Site on all the potential of our technology to manage online reservation: our Booking Engine.


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