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Tripadvisor and Trivago: No more Coins


Dear Wubookers,

We have changed the commercial model of the connections to Tripadvisor and Trivago as follows:

  • For Tripadvisor it won´t be necessary anymore to purchase Coins. You´ll be able to activate the service without a deposit, but on a pay per use basis
  • Trivago becomes a pay for channel (up until today was free) adapting its commercial model to that of Tripadvisor: 1 Euro per received reservation
  • This amount will be debited directly from your account which you can monitor from the Auth Factory


This is the first step towards a new and easy method of payment for our services. As you know several WuBook services are on a prepay (through Coins purchase) method in order to get activated and we are working on getting rid of this method. We want to completely delete the use of Coins.

We are trying to make easier the use and access of our services so that, instead of asking you for a deposit to use these services you will be able to activate them immediately. The goals of this change are various. We want to make your life easier first of all and we also want you to use these services – because they are of great added value. We noticed that many of you were not using them just for the complexity of having to pre pay them before actually putting them in place.

How are the costs managed? In a very simple way really. From the Auth Factory you will be able to monitor all entries every time you need and we will notify you by email when a payment is due = when the total reaches a minimum limit for invoicing. You will be able to make payment manually or, if you have a registered method of payment, we will make the charge in automatic.


The Google Commission Program was the first service to start using this method. Today, Tripadvisor and Trivago are ready to join in and you´ll find charges of 1€ per received reservation from either one of these two portals.

We will move many more services into this method in due time, like the Plugins in pay as you go such as AuRevoir and SmsFax. We will obviously let you know once we have some more updates on that.

Should you have any doubts or need more information, please do contact us!

Many thanks as ever

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