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we released a new implementation of Review Express (for more infos here), the TripAdvisor tool that let you invite your customers to write a commentary (feedback) on your property public profile on TA. Why is this new? Currently, the connectivity to Review Express was exclusively offered to TripConnect users (for more infos, click here or visit the Fount Section inside WuBook Extranet). TripConnect, I remind you again, is that service through which you will be able to receive visits (traffic) and reservations of customers who are browsing your prices in TripAdvisor website. This way users are able to compare prices for your establishment published on OTA and your Direct Online Booking Engine, with the possibility to open your widget form.

The implementation was (mea culpa) basically wrong. We thought TripConnect and Review Express were same services (related one each other). We were wrong.. 🙂 and discovered you can use Review Express without taking part of TripConnect. Moreover, we took the decision to “unplug” the services and create a new Plugin for the service of Review Express:


So, once the Plugin has been activated, you have two choices of settings: Automatic or Manual. The automatic mode will automatically send, for each direct reservation received (not those coming from OTAs like booking & expedia), a request of feedback on TripAdvisor. I feel this mode (automatic) is not well welcomed by hoteliers (speaking with some of you!) cause someone prefer not to upload all the feedbacks but just to send a request to those customers who have been happy to stay. So I think, the Manual mode can be useful to improve your reputation on this MetaSearcher.

The manual mode allows you to act with more independency. On the details page of each direct booking, once the plugin is activated, a button will appear. This button enable the possibility to send a request of feedback to the customer. Requests can also be cancelled:


How much does this cost? As for other plugins (such as AuRevoir, mailing service) we express them in Coins. Each request of feedback wil cost 3 coins (few cents). I think (not sure gus!) TripAdvisor doesn’t charge for it. They have all the advantage to receive new feedback from certified customers…I suppose this is enough for them.

Finally, in 2014 we have a rich tool and we are mads to go on integrating partners to offer you a complete, reliable and funtional service! Feel free as always to share your thoughts..


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