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Trivago: Let’s Go!

Dear Wubookers,

even if a bit delay on the roadmap, we are finally really happy to announce that WuBook and Trivago have officially published their collaboration system platform! This is a great news cause all the WuBook customers (you guys!) are, from now on, able to publish their own booking engine prices on the famous website Trivago. This prices camparison will be now enriched with your own and direct rates! Let me tell you that Trivago seems to be a great partner, not only cause of its numbers (20 millions visits, more than 34 millions of reviews, 14 millions of photos and more than 14 connected portals) but also cause we already have numbers. We have been testing (thanks for it to our BetaTesters customers!) during the last month and with great results: tons of visits and very good conversion percentage! This seems to become a very interesting chance to increase direct sales. trivagoquadrato

The way it works

Every day Trivago allows its customers to make requests and searches over a lot of properties and a lot of offers coming from many OTAs connected to them. The request made by the (still potential) guest will redirect the traffic from the result to the engine providing that information. It is so interesting to be there, pushing for your own visibility and reservation. A link directed to your booking engine will be published among those offers.  Please get a look into the picture down here and see that you will be listed under “Hotel Website”


Once the guest click on that link, your booking engine will be opened to finalize the reservation process. As simple as that!
¿How to start working with Trivago?

It is simple. Just access WuBook extranet and go to Fount section, under Manage menu. Select Trivago and fill in the requested information. You will be asked to establish the “intensity” of the promotion and the geografical areas you are interested in. The combinations of these 2 parameters will give you the resutl of the final exposure you can have on Trivago.

The geographical areas are, at the moment, these 6:

  1. Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  2. Spain
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. UK & Ireland
  6. USA & Canada

With the word “intensity” I meant the frequency with which your direct offer will be shown up on your Trivago profile. There are, at the moment, only 2 different profiles: high profile and normal profile. The selection of one or the other will have to be determined (in my poor opinion) by your location. I mean that if you are located in a very turistic area, the High Profile could make sense, ut if you are located in a place with few properties with which you are going to “fight” for visibility, probably the normal profile is the best!

¿How much does this service cost?

The commercial model, as you may have already understand, is the ppc (pay-per-click). This means that Trivago will charge for each click a guest will make on your profile. To have the final cost, you must add the 4% wubook will charge for administration and maintainance. Basically, each geographical area has its own cost per click, splitted in High and Normal profiles. Remember that Trivago will show offers from the best to the highest price, but under same conditions of price it will always show first the one with Highest profile selected!


¡Good! All the relevant information is under our control panel, inside Fount Section. Just enter and start tthe campaign. You will be also able, as always, to keep under control your investmest with WuBook tools: you will have detailed reports on visits received, markets and areas, etc. Are you still waiting? 😀

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