VAT Excluded and Extras Layout

Dear WuBookers,

2 other news interesting to be communicated. Both are regarding your Online Reception (aka booking engine online) on the webste of your hotel. This infos are overall appreciated if you are located in SouthAmerica or maybe NorthAmerica. Generally in one of those country, used to publish prices wthout VAT increase. This is a common practice in America and OTAs, like are already adapted to thois particular way of publishing prices. He price shown is always a NET price and the only at the final step (the confirmation one) the sumary will show an increase of the total price due to the VAT cost.

As we are adapting day by day our Booking Engine service (and all the rest) to southAmerica and the rest of the world (check our new website for the Brasilian market) we decided to add VAT percentage just at the end of the reservation process. Once the booking is going to be confirmed definetely, the system will show the total amount. Same as OTAs do:


This has became necessary to be competitve respect OTAs. We want to keep same competitve prices when in the booking engine you see the list of room available, but also want to offer the maximum of transparency to the guest, that is going to know very clearly VAT is going to be added to the NET based price. So far we have been publishing this fact in an analogical sentence that hoteliers have to release by the panel control inside the “commentaries on reservations”. From now on, if you want to set VAT percentage and add it to the NET price of your tabla to be competitve and clear atthe same time, you can do it from inside WuBook control panel. In here: Facility/facilities/preferences

And finally, requested by the huge majority of you, the chance to order Extras when they show up on the booking engine. Now it will be possible same way it is already for room type. Check this out:


Once you get the right order you want to show, they will show up on the Online Reception as you wanted:

Thanks for your attention and, as usual, send your commentaries on this article to help us on improve.


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