WuBook at the University (welcome Grey)


we’re so happy: Francesco, University of Udine, finished his studies presenting a degree thesis based on WuBook!

The title of his work is “Web Marketing Alberghiero 2.0: strategie e tecniche per la vendita del prodotto camera” (english translation is: “Hotels and Web Marketing 2.0: strategies and techniques to sell the Room Product”).


Well: a student choosing WuBook for his studies is just a clear example of our role in the market! He wasn’t conquered from a commercial point of view or from our prices: he has chosen our technology for its quality!

The work is very good: so good that we invited Francesco and he visited us in Fenilot (our office in Fano, Italy). And…. he has become Grey! Welcome Grey!

Who’s saying that newly graduated guys must wait a lot of time to have a work!

One thought on “WuBook at the University (welcome Grey)

  1. Hi,
    I’m very happy to be working in a great team!
    I hope to do my best.
    See you soon!

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