WuBook connects WanUp, The online portal that revolutionizes the loyalty concept

Dear WuBookers,

We are happy to present WanUp, new reservation portal, from today officially connected with WooDoo

Wanup is the new loyalty club for independent hotels, well known hotel chains and boutique hotels.

Thanks to the share economy, Wanup groups quality hotel partners, bringing them up to a global alliance.
Wanup combines personalization and the prestige of a traditional hotel loyalty program but with the flexibility and the diversity of an OTA offer.

To its hotel partners, Wanup provides a growing visibility, info on consumers and lower commissions in comparison to the OTA offers. Hotels do not pay any admission fee to the Club.
Revenue is generated through a progressive commission model. Wanup receives an average of 7% commission on each booking. There are no commissions on club members subscribed by the hotels themselves.

Wanup allows users to book within a wide variety of hotels, at the best price and to obtain immediate advantages with Wanup Winnings.
Wanup Winnings can be of 3 types: travel cash, extra benefits within the booked property like free breakfast and benefits custom made by the hotels like free cocktail on the roof top terrace.
Users can also gain a reduced amount of travel cash when they book a hotel partner through a third party, for example through an OTA.

WanUp received private investments for 20 millions euro.
The Company has development plans at a global scale. Today the focus expansion region is Europe but for 2018 it is also planned to consolidate the Mexican and South American markets.

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