Zak: Documents 2.0

Good Afternoon Zakkers!

Many of you already gave us interesting ideas, through the forum, on the improvements that we should introduce little by little in our dear PMS Zak. We would like to thank you for that support!

The new features that we propose now are not so many, but we think they will solve some of the limitation encountered while creating documents like vouchers or invoices. Apart from it, there was the matter of the “multi-users” with different rights. The solution proposed, using the password for credit card data, will help you separate sensitive information and so, get closer to a multi-user management.
Let’s see now the details of the modifications:

  • New function are added to the password that you can configure in the “security” section (in “Settings”)
  • Zak will warn you when browsing as « admin » (with a red flag in the icon menu)
  • Each document will show the total amount paid and the type of payment.
  • Each document will include automatically a field with payment type en reservation details.
  • It is now possible to deliver more than one invoice for a reservation.
  • Possibility to send documents automatically by email to customers.
  • Once the reservation is paid (balance=0), it will not be possible to deliver new documents.
  • It will not be possible anymore to delete reservations that are still not paid or with active documents. Other fonctions will still be enabled.
  • Possibility to configure in the documents the email address of your accountant.
  • New section with the list of archive documents (to create custom reports)
  • New section for daily report on documents.
  • The admin will get the right to delete documents autonomously
  • The admin will get the right to download search results in csv format.
  • The admin will get the right to send automatically document via email to their accountant.

This update, as you can see, aims to simplify and optimize the management of administrative documents. We hope this helps you use Zak more effectively. These administrative / fiscal adjustments are hard work because you have to adapt to different rules in each country. Zak is currently active in 7 countries from 3 continents and separate adaptation takes time.
Other improvements to come for different sections of Zak :

  • planning: add details in the « mini » section
  • planning: new menu according the reservation type, to modify the price in case you change the room type (up-grade or down-grade)
  • planning: improving the flow and speed for properties with many rooms
  • customer: improve integration in the database of customers with new bookings, statistics and documents issued.

That’s all folks! Enjoy the summer!

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