Zak: New engine for integration of reservations and increased safety

Hello everyone!

Here at WuBook we never stop,  and we continue to develop new products and add-ons to keep you up to date with all the potential new technologies have to offer.

With this in mind, our very own Purple (Tommasino) has decided to get to work on the engine in charge of integrating the online reservations received at WuBook into Zak.  The major limitation been that it was not yet capable of downloading with all the fliexibility needed  the prices from the booking engine. And, instead of modifying and patching over, it has been decided to rewrite the code from scratch: the result is that right now if you receive a reservation through your booking engine or YouBook it will show 100% perfect in Zak – boards and mandatory costs included!

With the new price management tool you can quickly access to all necessary data to produce reports. It is simple and fast. Therefore, in the next version update, which we are already working on, will be a new statistics tab with more detailed and complete information.

Regarding the improvement in terms of safety I must say that until now only few details were protected by the admin password. This was a measure adapted for all small properties who needed to differentiate the receptionist and administrator credentials.  However it was not enough for properties with a larger number of employees. Now is possible to set up a three security level, with different functions and authorization levels for each user.  For example dividing it into: Front Office, Back Office and Admin!

This proves Zak is becoming a complete and universal tool suitable for any type of property.

I hope you appreciate the effort put into its development.


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