Zak: Prices Increasing (but not for you!!)


Dear WuBookers,

Zak prices are going to increase from 180 Euro to 264 Euro per year. This change will become active from August 2014 the 1st on, and will be valid for all new users that at that dates would have any bill already payed for Zak service. So actually, if you are already a Zak user, your prices will be the same, do not worry!!

ZaK was born to be a little property management system used by those hoteliers with no big deals. Very few features needed. It happened already a few years ago…on June 2010!! The first release wes in Open Source and the this fount is still online.. The main idea was to cover a specific market niche and provide a service for those hoteliers who were using an “excel” file to manage reservations and cannot access to one of those Tank-PMS (property managemanet system) that are too expensive, too tricky to use and full of useless options.


We did not had huge ambitions: we just wanted to provide an alternative, smart, simple and cheap to all those “excel Hoteliers” around. And however, piano piano, step by step, Zak has become more and more useful.

Differently from others services (the Booking Engine and the Channel Manager for eample, but also the Rate Checker), the target of Zak is a bit more reduced: while WuBook and WooDoo are adopted for big and small hotels, we always suggest the use of Zak with a max number of rooms arond 40-50. No more. This is because Zak is deeply conditioned to this kind of hotel profile: we will bever be able to create an interface to manage phone calls, TV services, building automation, etc. And I have to say we do not want either.

But today Zak has become kind of brother of WuBook: it has already hundreds of customers using it and has developped a lots of new funcionalities. For example: Police portal for Spain and Italy, Governament Official stats compatibility for Italian Reports, international invoices (Spain, Russia, Colombia, etc.), deposit notes, and many more. It has growth a lot from June 2010 and it is now covering 90% of needs of a huge numer of customers, for a very low price. Also for this reason we decided to increase rates. The work behind Zak has become huge and costs are bigger. We have gone much more over the simple idea of “Excel 2.0″. And this happened cause of your requests (continuos and very helpful!!) :)

New ZaK Invoices

New ZaK Invoices

Meanwhile, we also took the dcision of “freezing” the prices to all the current users. So, if you already have paid a bill for Zak services, before the 1st of August 2014, you won’t pay more. This was a matter of fairness: we thought it wouldn’t be fair to increase prices to someone who maybe decided to use Zak considering current prices as the most important factor (which is not!!).

So please, tell your friends to subscribe to Zak before August!!!  :)

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