Zak: Room Exchange..finally

Good Morning Everybody!

swap rooms

We have recently added some new feature. From now on, on the planning it will be possible to exchange rooms between two different reservations. So, if you ave the planning full of reservations and you cannot move any reservation into an empty room to free the destination rooms for the reservations 2, now you can make an exchange of rooms. We added an extra control on the main menu of the planning, the same one you use for all the controls of feature on that section of the software.

This way, the daily task of moving and changing rooms looking for the optimization of your reservation distribution in the hotel, is going to be an easier and faster task. When using this new feature, if one of the two rooms is not available for all the requeired period, the programme is not going to allow you to finalize the action. So simple..

We have also added some more feature and the complete list of news is, as always, in the official website of Zak.

In addition, I’d like to receive your interesting feedback about our news, so feel free to comment, suggest or criticize us in here: our Forum.

Stay tuned.

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