Booking Engine New Look: does prettier mean more convertion??

Dear WuBookers,

We have been planning and working on the graphic upgrade of our booking engine for a while now – which by the way, is the first product that WuBook made available to the public, even if the Channel Manager is now a days the most well know product of WuBook´s.

ORD, is the name that we give it internally, has seen several versions with upgrades, new tools, updated tools; just to adapt it to the times and trying to find the perfect balance of simplicity and good results in terms of convertion rates. With this new version, we are making that the users experience a nicer, prettier and still easy usability. So we have worked on the graphics part. Now the images have a dedicated gate; larger dimensions, and more resolution.


The result is modern and sexy and displays both pics and information in a clearer way.

The images loaded in the extranet, which up until today were compressed due to optimization, will now be processed in a better way to allow them to be loaded fast and without jeopardizing their quality.

We *recommend* you re-load all your pictures in your extranet to make use of these upgrades. Otherwise your pictures will remain on compressed file as they are now. If possible try loading nice, updated pics of good quality and optimized for an image gateway.

Another interesting aspect of this update is in the step 2 of the online reception. Until now, when the results of the search are displayed, you see a list of all available rooms/options for that period and its per-night price. Now we have highlighted the “call to action” button to select the quantity and continue with the reservation process. By clicking on *“Book”* (“prenota” in the image below) the user will jump to the next step of the process to complete the reservation process.


In this new version of the Booking Engine we included the upgrade of BIDS which apart of the graphic updated we have made them more visible throughout the whole reservation process.


As ever, our first goal is to increase the convertion rate and we hope all our upgrades bring us closer to that goal.

Please, should you have any comments do not hesitate to contact us!

Best regards,


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