Migrating XML platform of HostelBookers into HostelWorld

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As most of you surely already know the HostelBookers connection to WooDoo will be disabled shortly as, from now on, this portal will be fed in with the data sent to the HostelWorld extranet. In short, you will be able to be listed in 2 different portals through one single connection – that of HostelWorld.

Few months back we did the migration from the screenscrapping connection of HostelWorld to the XML connection improving with this the reliability, stability of the connection itself and the quality and speed of the updates.

Important considerations:

Q: I only connect to HW and not with HB. What should I do?
A: Nothing. But you will be happy to know that from now on you will be listed and therefore able to recieve reservations from the 2 portals

Q: I only have connection to HB and not with HW. What should I do?
A: You should´ve been contacted by HW staff to help you with the migration of your property into their extranet. If they haven´t got in touch with you yet, you may want to send them an email on newsignupsapiAThostelworldDOTcom  to speed up the process. 

Once the migration is completed you will need to activate a connection to HW in WooDoo. This new connection will managed both channels so once done you will be able to delete the current HB connection in WooDoo.

Q: I have both HB and HW connections in WooDoo. What should I do?
A: Need only delete the HB connection. The HW connection will manage both portals.

Q: My HB connection expires in few months. Would I lose those?
A: Absolutely not! Please get in touch with us through the support tab and we will move all unused months of HB into another active channel.

Q: What happens to my HB reservations?
A: All current information in HB will be moved on into the HW extranet. In WuBook, all HB reservations received prior to migration will still show the HB logo, however, future reservation, received after the migration will all show the HW logo even if they are actually coming form HB.

I hope you find this information useful and should you require any additional information or help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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