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Hi there.

As announced few days ago, we have now published the MultiUser Layer to be able to control all the accesses and users of our beloved Zak PMS. To be as much operational as possible I will figure out few scenario (basically two possible scenarios).

The first scenario is for those of you that has not activated the 3-level security so far. In this case you have been accessing Zak and all its section with no problem and no users. You were checking details of reservations, statistics and a lot of other functionalities with no restrictions. Probably you are a one-man-hotel and do not need to protect and differentiate accesses among many users (receptionists, managers, frontOffice, different departments, etc.).

Under this first scenario, nothing is going to change, if you don’t want to. The only thing is that you will be able to create users and groups from a section under “settings”:

Users_GroupsOn the other hand, we suggest to activate in order to get a better control of Zak, considering it also as a form of auto control (to protect some strong operation under an “admin user”).

Anyway, let’s say that you have the tool at your fingertip if needed.

Under the second scenario, in case you already had activated the 3-level old layer, you will see that apparently nothing has changed. But under the seat, a lot of things are different now. Automatically, you have 3 level structure honored but you are now able to define permissions for each group.

If before there were an action you cannot do it as logged in BackOffice, now you decide to change this configuration and you just do it. Same for Basic level (frontOffice).

Group_permissionsThe other important thing is that now users are users and not groups anymore. So, each of you can give a personalized access to all the staff (John, Michael or whoever is using zak).

We kindly ask you to request us at this link new eventual sections/actions you would require to control from this section.

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