Rate Checker: the final version


Dears WuBookers,

few weeks ago we published and released the first version of the Rate checker made of WuBook (aka Rate Shopper) and only today we can announce the final version of the service, with a dedicated website. The final version has two great news (among many others):

  • Prices: they dramatically decreased!
  • Reliability: after a beta period, Rate Checker seems to be much more reliable

But let’s present point by point: prices have been decreased cause we were wrong in considering the potencial use wubookers would make of  Rate Checker. We thought the idea would be to make intensive use of Yield Management actions. I mean checking prices of competitors each day for a range of days very high (about hundreds!) We thought this kind of service would be interesting just for certain type of properties..

We were wrong! And obviously made a mistake. We realized all properties, also the smallest one, would like to watch the prices of its competitor with an high frequency.

The point was that our commercial structure was based on weekly scans. So, we had to plan prices again to allow reasonable daily scans. Reasonable prices to allow each ind of property to do its job. New prices have been published right here, on the official website. Depending on the parameters you are going to set, you will have your personalized price: just set frequency and number of days to scan.

And about reliability, we must say thanks to all of you who helped us in improving this software. Those of you that decided to take part of the Beta-test period and gave us a lot of good advices (and criticisms as well!!). This is always, in my opinion, to create a good product.

Currently, our Rate Checker is one of the cheapest of the market. It has also an XML/JSON interface that allows integration to third parties softwares. This way, you can use your software and integrate the results of the Rate Checker to have a better service to elaborate datas.

In few words, we have a new service from now on. It is useful, efficient and very competitive. Obviously it is still a baby, but we hope to have soon another great component of the WuBook family!


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