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Today I am publishing a few posts and news…In the last few days we have had our e-meetings where very interesting subjects have been raised. We have discussed various subjects and we all have had our say in how we would like to see WuBook moving forward. There are many projects coming up soon and not all of them are related to the inovation and development side. We, as WuBook,  need to also focus on the internal way we do and like doing things. So there are many things lined up to come…

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One of the development features soon to be started is one I just posted in an article which refers to the creation of the WuBook Mobile App that will allow you to manage your property from Smartphones and Tablets. You can read the article here. Please do not hesitate to contribute with your comments there as we would really appreciate them. 


Another development we would like to start is that of the Vouchers. We would like to improve their graphic aspect by allowing you to insert your property logo in it. Though not only that! We´d like them to be dynamic. For example, We need to make it more clear in the event of a confirmed reservation – by credit card or online deposit payments. We will listen all of you (many of you) who have asked us to be able to print vouchers easily right from the control panel including the credit card details given as guarantee. And why not even allowing the complete control over all events related to the online reservations, for example enabling feedback requests or the ability to send personalized messages with our Plugin Au Revoir.

We will also be improving Fount: Trivago which will be ready soon (just waiting for the final touch) and we want to offer a better front end complete with stats and the possibility of setting budgets in the different Fount sites.

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Finally we are giving a big push to the Rivendell project (Demo Rivendell web site): since we published it we have been receiving many request of integration of the booking engine. In all honesty it seems the PreBooking or the Book Room implementation (check it out) that allows your clients to view availability and prices of a specific room is of your liking. And above all the One Click booking. Many are the requests of  implementing these tools and many are using them already. The results are coming in. Convertion rate is increasing – and we are all happy! 🙂


We have realized each website has its own characteristics and is not easy to adapt to them all. We are thinking on creating an extra tab of services to meet this demand due to the great results all clients using it are reporting. We are giving it our best and we want you all profit from it.

Bye for now and read you soon.

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