Sezam 24 – A valuable Self Check-in Partner of WuBook

It has been since the last few years that we discover the Self Check-in kiosk and keyless access to accommodations worldwide increasing trend but it is definitely after (or during) the Covid 19 pandemic situation that we felt the need to adapt our behaviours when landing on an hotel or apartment for a short stay.

Now we expect to be able to do not touch or to do not face to anything or anybody when checking-in your hotel room or vacation apartment. A kiosk or an automatic check-in process is available 24 hours and do not need any human interaction.

Our PMS Zak is now integrated with Sezam 24 being able to send and communicate with it all the requested data to allow a check-in (payment included) through its kiosk.

Installation and configuration is really simple and price-affordable. Here below:

As a Zak user you just need to generate a Partner Key on the section of KAPI (our Zak API) and insert data on the Sezam 24 User Interface. You certainly need to have the Essential Package activated on our side as for any other partnership required.

Once the settings are done, you are almost ready to accept self-service check-ins! Look at this video created by our partner Sezam 24 and discover how useful and simple it is.

The partnership between Sezam 24 and WuBook will offer you a 360 solution to manage professionally your hotel, hostel or apartment with the lowest manual effort ever.

Contact your WuBook account manager to get more information or request a Live Demo to Sezam 24 from here:

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