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Find here below the pricing model of our Zak Property Management System, your solution All-In-One

  • Basic


    The main functionalities of the Zak PMS are just Free. It includes basic, still important functionalities: unlimited number of rooms and rates. Planner, Checkin, Checkouts. And much more.

  • Essentials

    16€ per month

    More batteries and tools to better manage your rooms, including the Templating and Messaging System, Broom Paper (cleaning operations), City Tax and much more.

  • PII (Personal Identifiable Information)

    8€ per month

    Local Police and Government reporting

  • Finance

    12€ per month

    Fiscal documents, payments, invoicing

  • Booking Engine

    18€ (Now FREE of charge)

    A modern, effective still simple booking engine to be installed on your site

  • Channel Manager

    per month

    Automatically manage your OTAs with the Zak Channel Manager

  • France Premium

    per month

    WuBook France fournit un support client Premium, il inclut notamment un numéro de téléphone direct et un chat.


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A stand alone software for your online distribution?

Find here below the pricing model of our Channel Manager and Booking Engine

  • WuBook Booking Engine

    27 €

    WuBook Online Reception

  • WooDoo Channel Manager

    WooDoo Channel Manager


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Activation Cost and Conditions

The activation cost is comprehensive of account configuration and support, phone training and permanent assistance. It is a one time only payment billed on your first invoice so that it is chargable if you are using some of our chargable service (not for the

FREE version of PMS).


We apply this activation cost also in exchange to the fact that we do not require any commitment to stay with us any longer than you want.


The cost of activation is 120€ and it is appliable for all the services. This means that if you pay activation cost for the Booking Engine and after few months you decide to add another esrvice (like the Channel Manager) we will NOT charge it twice.

Our APPs are included on our prices

The access to our softwares are not depending on the device. Access everything from everywhere.

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