The WuBook App is published and ready to use!!

Dear WuBookers,

It has been a long time since we last wrote in here, but now we are proud to announce a great news: we have published the WuBook App, which allows you to control your WuBook extranet from a mobile device. 🙂

So if you have a smartphone or a touch tablet with an Android operating system or iOS (Apple) you can access your WuBook account from anywhere to perform most of the actions available from the normal extranet.

To install, it is very simple, just follow te below links:

This is a first version that does not include all the features of the desktop version, but allows the most important and urgent actions, such as managing reservations.

Important note: this App is only for hotels and not for your guests to book via the booking engine. To book online, your customers can use the mobile version of the booking engine. From this App, you can use Tabla, Sytar and Youbook to change prices, availability and restrictions and also add reservations manually, such as the one made by phone.


The App(lication) has been tested by some of our customers (we thank them for their apportation) and please them enormously, but it will still improve with the feedbacks that you will leave in our  forum or in our daily exchanges.

You are all invited to try it, especially since it is free, and send us your feedback on this App that will allow you to stay connected even more efficiently to your work tool.


See you soon

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