Rivendell: Booking Engine Demo and One Click Reservation


Dears WuBookers,

we have just published the so called Rivendell Site: a new website dedicated to our Online Booking Engine (aka Online Reception) with the aim to show all the potential of this tool of WuBook brand. We want to improve our communication and first of all we must say we have has a lack of communication so far. We have a very good piece of software and we must communicate it. If it is true that our IT documentation has been always public (you can find it here) and easy to check and analyze, it could become complicated to a normal user to get full comprehension of it. You need maybe some tech skill.

Furthermore, we want now to push something very interesting and new. The One Click Booking concept, which we are going to present on this post. Also, I’d like to add the availability we offer to give direct support to eventual implementation on websites you may require.


So here you are: the Rivendell Site. It has a “Demo” profile and it is the best to fully understand the potential of a good website to clearly present and resell your rooms. So far we have been ginving support only to webmasters during the installaton pocess. From now on, we are going to offer our entire support and evaluate together the cost of a customized implementation. So then, if you need to contact us, do not be scared of it.  Just do it!

The reason why we start to do so, is very easy: we would like to see the full potential of our tool on the best situation possible. And we wish you to use all the options to offer the best solution possible on your own website. This will help to improve conversion percentage on your direct reservation and also our brand. Sometimes I see very bad implementation with wrong form installed, bad colours combinations or hidden booking button on some corner of the page and I would like to say “hey, you can do it better!!” “Think on your potential guest, make it as easy as possible for him/her”. Definetely, I hopw the Rivendell projct could be an inspirng work for your website and your online booking system.

WuBook is high quality. Use it at the maximum. The Rivendell Site shows how nice our technologies could be.

The projct is divided into sections. Each section will have a Custom Form (personalized reservation button) on the right top of the page. The Custom Form is on each page, always easy to access (“hey, how can I book??” “Ah, right there, very easy!!”) as it should be in my honest opinion. Again, make it easy to the guest. So, personalize the custom form, but consider to install it on all the pages of our web. The Custom Form allows to open the classic widget with all the rooms available..


Moreover, there is room to have more exotic implementations. The Rooms Section, for example, shows the One Click Booking (make a booking in 1 click) concept: the guest can check prices and availability directly on your website, without any forward or redirection to third webs. It is immediate and fast. The Button “Book Now” allows to redirect the customer straight to the final steps. I personally like this tool very much! :P


Differently from other booing engines, the guset can go on during the reservation process and obtain information without any obligation to insert the number of adults or children. Our system is always giving information avoiding frustratin essages like “please, enter the number of nights to see results” or “please, insert the number of adults to see rooms available”. These kind of message are, in my opinion, the same as saying “Please, check another hotel as we are very hard to book!“.

And then there is an Holiday Packages Section, really nice one. This section shows the way to sell packages on the website in a very easy manner. The style is the same, One Click Booking and the copy/paste as well.. The customer is able to check prices and availability and then forward straight to the last step, the confirmation one. Packages are created and managed directly from our extranet, under Extra/packages section and could be exported in an independent and customizable way.


Here there is another section, Booking Inside: if you prefer to mantain your booking engine on your site, on iFrame as called, you can do it in an elegant way with WuBook. And once again, only a copy/paste is needed. Just few lines of html code and all is done. I also like this solution as it is very fine and give a good brand image.


And finally the Widget Section: as previously announced, we have just launched a new widget to show feedbacks on your website. Those commentaries (very precious though) left by your guests can be published not only on the booking engine but from now on your site too. Then you have packages widget and the current widget. A full option for your website.


I hope Rivendell Site could be very useful and inspiring for those of you who still have not realized the importance of a nice and reliable website integrated to a reservation system for your property. Being an hotel, hostel or Bed and breakfast I would consider this as the first and most importante business card online. The One Click Booking concept has to become basic and central on your offer in my opinion. Rooms and Packs sections are aldo very important. You need to care about them and try to be different from the rest, over all, from the OTAs.

Rivendell Site, as I said before, is also considered as a new way to support you. We want now to take part on the installation process to help you offer the best to your guests. So please, do not hesitate and contact us: we want WuBook to be the best Booking engine you may have.

Cheers and Enjoy WuBook.

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