New Tabla & Sytar

Dears WuBookers, it has been few weeks ago we started to work on a new version of Tabla aiming to allow a complete price management over all the pricing plans (but also restrictions plans) you may have. We are happy to be able to announce it today. This release is joined by a new version […]

Some News

Dear WuBookers, after a brief visit to ITB in Berlin, I feel a few lines about the current situation and the experience we have lived in there, are needed. And maybe it could be a good chance to share some news with you. The ITB (the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show) does not need any […]

Bundeskartellamt against price parity

Dears WuBookers, I break the silence during these Holydays (happy new year to all of you!) to report an interesting news coming from Germany. And it is something very inspiring about the famous “price parity” requested daily by OTAs. Well, the Bundeskartellamt (Germany’s national competition regulator) has decided to stop HRS, well-known deutsch OTA, to […]

The new online reception

Finally… Hooray! We’re introducing the new version of the online reception (abbreviated as ORD) from WuBook. It was a great challenge. We had to re-develop many things and at the same time we had to maintain compatibility with the old version. In addition to the new languages ​​and new features we’ve added Magic Calendar and Board Management. We had […]