Trivago: It works! and extremely well!

Dear Wubookers,

Within hours of the official launch of the partnership with trivago, and already have a huge increase in traffic and reservations, all confirmed and reported  from different customers and the data in our possession.


We are very pleased with the initial results, and confirms the effectiveness of the operation. However, with the usual transparency that has always characterized the commercial policy of WuBook, we want to emphasize that on this type of campaigns, spending limits are not set on a daily or monthly basis; in other words, as long as there are coins in your account, these will be absorbed by the clicks generated by trivago.

Once your coins balance gets to zero, all further requests from Trivago will get the response “no available” from WuBook, making your ad drop in the rank at that point. Technically your ad will still be active but it will be virtually impossible for visitors to find it, leading eventually to a complete stop.

A few clicks could still arrive, but these cases are sporadic and at very low rates. In any case, through the extranet of WuBook you can continuously monitor the progress of the campaign, with accurate reports that will help you assess its effectiveness.

Certainly, even in case of “super visibility”, an event that can only do good to the promotion of a touristic property, the expenditure/reservations ratio remains abundantly beneath the commissionable percentage normally held by the major OTAs in the market.

Let us know how it goes, we are here, awaiting your comments and news.

2 thoughts on “Trivago: It works! and extremely well!

  1. Hi. we are interested in starting with Trivago with WUbook. what do we do?

  2. Hi, you need to configure TRIVAGO from the FOUNT tab on your wubook extranet.
    The minimum requirements are to set up your property on the “management” part within Fount; to have a positive number of coins; and to configure your cpc.
    If you need any assistance through the process please do get in touch with your account manager at the Barcelona office and they will be happy to help

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