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WuBook is a leader in providing software solutions for the hospitality industry. We are always looking for new enthusiastic commercial partners. Here below you can find our 2 main partnership models for your businesses



The Reseller purchases the services from WuBook with a certain discount margin, dependent on the services he chooses and resells them at a price equal to or greater than the public ones. The services are purchased from the Reseller who pays them directly to WuBook. On the other hand, the Reseller has the total responsability of assistance: the setup and the support.The Reseller can always rely on our support for any clarification or analysis of the different cases.


If you are a hospitality agent and you are in contact with accommodations, we offer you the possibility of extra income by recommending our services. For each installation, we will pay you a commission automatically and constantly. Just send us the interested contacts: we will follow them, help them create the account and issue the invoice. Then, automatically, we will pay you the agreed commission amount.

WuBook is a leading provider of technology for the hospitality industry.

It's good to be a WuBook Official Partner

Being a partner means to benefit from this whole ecosystem and thereby enhance your core business, acquiring knowledge in specific areas, such as online sales or online distribution.

Growing Together

Growing up together means that both partners will benefit from the joint venture. If you're good, our clients need to know that.


Strategic partnerships are those with long-term vision. We are looking for this kind of collaborations.

Our support

Our support is working hard every day, to provide you fast and helpful service. We are close to you and you will never feel alone.

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