Reservations for internal and external guests

Zak, the Restaurant Management tool

Enrich your PMS with the Restaurant Management. Free digital menu, orders management, restaurant reservations for your hotel's customers and for external ones.


Enrich your PMS with restaurant management

A food&beverage software integrated into your all-in-one PMS. With the Restaurant Management tool, you can associate tables with the rooms of your property and also manage reservations from external customers. You can create and configure different areas of your restaurant (bar, veranda, swimming pool) and assign a different digital menu to each one, or vary the distribution of tables based on reservations. With this restaurant management system you will have: restaurant cash desk connected to room invoicing, free QR code menus and possibility to set the preparation order of the food.

  • allergen list creation
  • web app for waiters' orders
  • own products sales management
  • free QR code menus
  • take away management
  • sending orders directly to the kitchen
  • detailed reports and statistics
  • fast restaurant booking for hotel’s guests
restaurant app

Generate a printable menu to be consulted via QR code

You can create a digital menu and share it via QR code with customers. You can update it in the restaurant software and also print it.
send order directly to the kitchen

Send the order directly to the kitchen

Waiters can take the order at the table and send it comfortably both to the kitchen and to the cash desk, with a simple click. The cloud-based cash desk allows you to associate the restaurant order with the room invoice.
partial and group bills

No queues at the cash desk for partial and group bills

In the case of large tables or events, the restaurant manager tool allows you to charge each guest for what they have consumed or divide the total equally.
charge meals to room reservations

Max flexibility in meals and reservations management

You can choose, even at the last moment, to include restaurant extras in your hotel reservations, such as wine or dessert, in order to issue a single invoice for room and table. The restaurant manager tool allows you to add extra meals even to an invoice already issued for a specific reservation.

Save time with a complete restaurant software

The advantages of the restaurant management tool

In addition to easily managing your property with Zak, now you can also manage your restaurant, from a single interface.

Meal reservations & connected rooms

Possibility of connecting meals and occupancy taking into account the boards with which the rooms are sold.

Fast booking

Faster booking for those staying in your property.

Smart & mobile friendly

Waiters can take orders from a smartphone/tablet using a dedicated web app.

Take-away management

Easy management of the take away as a normal order.

Shared orders

Waiters can send orders taken in the dining room arrive directly to the kitchen and to the cash desk.

advanced order management

Possibility for the waiters to choose the preparation order of food (e.g. first starters, then main courses, then desserts).

Features in detail

  • Unlimited number of rooms and bookings
  • Unlimited customer archive
  • Products and Rates
  • Price and Product Derivation
  • Reservation planner
  • Smart Dashboard
  • Tool to limit access to your staff
  • Online Check-in
  • Mobile App
  • Overbooking detection
  • Communication Suite
  • Customer and Booking Tags
  • Customer merging tool
  • Housekeeping
  • Easy management of city tax
  • Meals and Extras Report
  • Online Payment Management
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Emailing from your own address
  • Exportable prices history

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  • All basic management functionalities included
  • Free support included
  • Customized quotes and emails
  • Supported Social Network contacts
  • Integrated with all platform features
  • Modern and intuitive design
  • Multi-rate management
  • Mobile responsive
  • Widgets for your website
  • High customization of images and contents

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  • automatic prices derivation
  • availability and price management per portal
  • control tool for checking the calendars alignment
  • premier partner, AirBnb and Google
  • easy availability management: close the sale with one click
  • automatic overbooking detection
  • integrated with Zak PMS and booking engine
  • 15+ years of experience

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  • Creation of area-specific menus
  • Linked meals and room reservations
  • Table and meal assignment to hotel reservations according to boards
  • Management of partial or group payments
  • Web app for waiter's orders
  • Take-away management
  • sending orders directly to the kitchen
  • Allergen list creation
  • Digital menu via QR code
  • Own products sales management
  • Detailed reports and statistics

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