Stop overbooking

Zak, the Channel Manager.

Whatever tourist facility you manage, do it with a fast and secure hotel Channel Manager. Zak Channel Manager manages OTA and Metasearch channels in one place, synchronizes availability, rates and bookings and drastically reduces the risk of overbooking.


Channel manager to manage your online inventory

Our Channel Manager helps you to manage prices, availability and restrictions, automatically updating OTAs (Booking, Expedia, Airbnb and many others) and Metasearch (Google, Trivago and Tripadvisor). This gives you greater visibility in the market by making your property easily bookable. Managing the channel manager is very easy and you can do it from your PC, tablet and smartphone wherever you are and whenever you want. All you need is an Internet connection.

  • more than 50 thousand OTA IDs connected
  • more than 60 million bookings
  • more than 70 servers for updates
  • more than 100 OTAs connected
  • management of Google, TripAdvisor and Trivago
  • two-way synchronization system
  • automatic derivation between rates
  • high speed in updates


Channel Manager Dashboard by WuBook

Safe, reliable and fast

The faster the channels (OTAs and Metasearch) are updated, the more unpleasant situations such as overbooking are avoided.
 Zak Channel Manager is constantly optimized to minimize technical communication time with portals. It also allows you to check data sent to OTAs, giving you complete control over your sales channels.
 The speed and security of the system make this Channel Manager indispensable to your daily sales.

Connect and manage your Metasearch

Zak Channel Manager connects the main Metasearch - i.e. Google, Trivago and Tripadvisor - which compare the prices of hundreds of hotels all over the world, including yours!
 Customers will choose the best rate and conclude the booking directly on your hotel's website. In this way you will increase direct bookings, promote your hotel's online visibility and convert clicks from potential guests into bookings.
derive your rates by our channel manager

Same rate, only if you wish

Using the same rate on all your OTAs (Parity Rate) can be an advantage for your business. However, if you decide to activate different pricing strategies for each OTA, you can automatically derive your rates from each other or from a standard price. With advanced price management, you save time and optimize sales.
Prices calendar and restrictions

Prices calendar and restrictions

The Channel Manager integrated into your WuBook platform offers you a single calendar with two different interfaces, making it easy and quick to enter your prices. Just choose what to display depending on what you need. For example, if you only work with prices and availability, you do not have to display restrictions as well. An easy, intuitive and customizable tool for total control of your inventory.

Easily manage your online sales

The advantages of the channel manager

Offer your guests a simple and intuitive booking experience, don't let potential customers get discouraged during the booking process.

Multi Property Management

Manage all your accommodation from a single calendar, displaying even those belonging to different OTA accounts.
second channel manager advantage

Price Derivation

Set derivations between your rates to minimize manual changes and optimize management time.
third channel manager advantage

Booking Archive

In addition to new bookings, import your archive from and AirBnB to store and consult it at any time.
fourth channel manager advantage

Mobile app

Mobile application for Android and iOs to close sales, change prices, add bookings wherever you are.
fifth channel manager advantage

Products and superproducts

Create all possible occupancy combinations for your rooms and sell your property either entirely or in individual units. Zak will close the sale automatically based on what has been sold.
sixth channel manager advantage

Monitor your revenue

Check the updates of your channels. You can monitor our software whenever you want, on your own and with full transparency.

Features in detail

  • Unlimited number of rooms and bookings
  • Unlimited customer archive
  • Products and rates
  • Price and product derivation
  • Reservation planner
  • Smart dashboard
  • Tool to limit access to your staff
  • Online check-in
  • Mobile app
  • Overbooking detection
  • Communication suite
  • Customer and booking tags
  • Customer merging tool
  • Housekeeping
  • Easy management of city tax
  • Meals and extras report
  • Online payment management
  • Advanced statistics
  • Emailing from your own address
  • Exportable prices history

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  • All basic management functionalities included
  • Free support included
  • Customized quotes and emails
  • Supported social network contacts
  • Integrated with all platform features
  • Modern and intuitive design
  • Multi-rate management
  • Mobile responsive
  • Widgets for your website
  • High customization of images and contents

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  • Automatic prices derivation
  • Availability and price management per portal
  • Control tool for checking the calendars alignment
  • Premier partner, AirBnb and Google
  • Easy availability management: close the sale with one click
  • Automatic overbooking detection
  • Integrated with Zak PMS and booking engine
  • 15+ years of experience

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  • Customizable images and contents with different graphic templates
  • Direct bookings from your customers
  • No hosting or development costs
  • Natively connected with Zak PMS all-in-one
  • Integrable with all platform tools
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Compliant with the highest security standards
  • Customizable with your own domain name
  • Mobile friendly and multilingual

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