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The words of technology for Hotel

A guide to technology words for hospitality

Hotel technology generally refers to the tools and software management systems available to hospitality professionals, to carry out their daily work activities.

Today, when we talk about hotel technology, we are increasingly referring to electronic techniques and tools used in the hotel industry. And designed to help hotels to stay up to date with changes and consumer trends.

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BNB holiday homes and apartments differences

B&B, Holiday Homes, apartments: a guide to the differences

Are you thinking about opening a Bed & Breakfast, a Holiday Home or using the AirBnB channel for your room or apartment? In all three cases there is information you need to know before you start your business. 

Each of these activities is in fact regulated by specific rules and aspects. Thanks to this business guide for accommodation facilities, we are sure that you will understand the main aspects and find good advice on how to proceed.
Enjoy your reading and enjoy your work!

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Digital marketing guide for hotels

Digital marketing guide for hotels

In order to get the most out of your hospitality business, you need to include some online and offline hotel marketing strategies.

In the hospitality industry, competition is one of the biggest challenges and marketing is the most effective way to show the world your singularity. We created this guide, which can help you discover the main aspects of digital marketing. And it can also provide new perspectives and insights to those who already have an active plan.


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