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WuBook is a global company that embraces different cultures. We help customers to have easy access to the best technology in the tourism industry, to grow their business. Not just a corporate image, but a company focused on maintaining and supporting its community of hoteliers.


Big company, but independent spirit

We are WuBook, a big global company that embraces different cultures and is characterized by an independent spirit transcending the market logic. Our mission is to provide everyone with easy access to the best technologies in the tourism industry to grow their business. That is why, from the very beginning, WuBook's founders placed the emphasis on innovation and quality accessible to all, disrupting the market that was only made up of big players more than 15 years ago.

Since then WuBook has never stopped evolving. And so did its customers. The team has grown to almost 50 employees and several offices around the world, while maintaining the offer of a free basic product and a support team actively engaged with customers like you and involved in all company development processes.

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Trust and reliability

Trust and reliability are values that can not miss in an industry such as hot. Thanks to our all-in-one platform and technology tools for partner companies, our customers can carry out their daily work easily and effectively. We maintain the offer of a free basic product and a support team available 7 days a week. Our customers can always count on us.
WuBook full suite

WuBook solutions

WuBook is the complete and customizable software solution to manage rooms and rates. You can manage any type of accommodation facility from a single online platform, accessible from both desktop and mobile.

WuBook is the right answer to the rapid growth of the hospitality market generated by the rise of OTAs (online travel agencies) and hotel aggregators (metasearch) that increasingly requires cloud-based solutions. Like Zak for example, the all-in-one PMS including all the main services - hotel management, channel manager, booking engine, website creation, restaurant management - needed to optimize the hotelier's time and resources.

Zak WuBook is modular, with a flexible pricing model that allows you to enable/disable any additional service at any time.


WuBook Team

Discover our colors

We are 39 employees organized in 7 offices worldwide. As we do not like personalism, each member of the WuBook team corresponds to a colour. Would you like to join the team? Subscribe.
  • YELLOW Founder + ZAK Product Manager
  • GREY Co-founder + CEO
  • NICKEL COO + Sales Team Manager
  • VIOLET CFO - Finance DPT
  • BLACK Connectivity Manager
  • SLATE Italy Team Manager
  • TANGERINE International Team Manager
  • SILVER Spain Team Leader
  • TEAL Spain Accounts and Sales Manager
  • LIME Central Team Manager
  • AVOCADO Wired Product Manager
  • JET Greece Team Leader
  • COFFEE Account Sales Manager
  • INDIGO France Team Leader
  • ROSE Account Sales Manager
  • CHOCOLATE Account Sales Manager
  • PLATINUM Account Sales Manager
  • PUMPKIN Account Sales Manager
  • RUBY Account Sales Manager
  • NAVY Account Manager
  • CRYSTAL Zak Developer
  • PINK Zak Developer
  • VERMILLION Zak Developer
  • CORAL UI/UX Designer
  • AERO Zak Developer
  • ORANGE Wired Developer
  • TURQUOISE Poland Team Leader
  • RHYTHM Zak Developer
  • AMBER Wired Developer
  • OLIVE Zak Developer
  • SEPIA Wired Developer
  • CARMINE Account Sales Manager
  • AQUA Account Sales Manager
  • ICEBERG Account Sales Manager
  • BLUE Account Sales Manager
  • CANARY Spain Account Manager
  • AZURE Account Sales Manager
  • PURPLE Account Sales Manager
  • MINT Account Sales Manager
  • MANTIS Wired Developer

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