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Being a partner of WuBook means that we are listening each others to succeed together in this high-challenging industry.

WuBook Contracts

We will not force you stay with us or to buy more and more services. We have a not aggressive approach which is a must for us. At the same time we want to communicate and tell how we work and what we develop for you.

We are here to listen to your needs and follow your directions on developments. We would love to build and enhance our community with horizontal approach.

Check out our contracts:

What you need to know


We want you to be confortable with us. Or without us. There are not minimum contract durations.

False Promises? No

Our goal is to do a useful and honest job. We do our best day by day but we are not perfect!


Our contracts are public and you can consult them whenever you want on your personal area.

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The website content, with the exception of some images, used with the legal consent of authors and publishers, actions and software explicitly published under the GPL, BSD or Creative Commons license, are to be considered intellectual property of WuBook Srl

Unless otherwise specified, it is forbidden to reproduce and / or copy in any way, on any media, the contents of this site and all the services provided by WuBook Srl.

Wu, the logo of WuBook Srl, is deposited in a law firm and licensed by Creative Commons. Wu is used to highlight the work of WuBook Srl: it is allowed only in this sense the use and reproduction, in any case the use is allowed as long as the following conditions are respected.



You must credit the authorship of the work to WuBook Srl by linking our domain website explicitely

No commercial purpose

You cannot use this work for commercial purposes. Only WuBook Srl has this right.

No derivative works

You cannot alter or transform this work, neither use or create another from it.


Any illegitimate reproduction of any content will be strongly pursued.