Zak, the Estimator for accommodation facilities

Whatever accommodation facility you manage, you can create an unlimited number of custom estimates by following a few simple steps. Promote your property in a smart way.


Hotel Estimator for custom offers

The estimator for hotels allows you to create an unlimited number of quotes, whether you are a b&b, hotel, holiday home or flat. You can tailor the content with text and images that enhance your property. You will also receive quote requests directly within your PMS, with a complete overview of your occupancy.
hotel estimator for quick quotes

Quick and easy quotes

You can create an unlimited number of estimates by following a few simple steps. Each offer can be customized with your preferred text and images. This estimator for b&b, holiday homes, hotels and guesthouses is a daily working tool that will become essential.
Hotel estimator for hotel software dashboard

All requests in one place

Perfectly integrated with all the WuBook platform functionalities, it allows you to manage both estimate requests from the booking engine and those from your website. All in one interface. For example, if you manage a hostel, you can offer both single occupancy and dormitory at the same time. Your customer will be able to choose an option by clicking directly on the estimate. Zak by WuBook will be updated automatically.
hotel estimator website widget

Multiple offers

Customize each quote by adding as many proposals as you wish. Each proposal can include one or more rooms and extras. If you are a guesthouse or manage holiday flats, for example, you could offer nature experiences with thematic tasting in a local restaurant.
hotel estimator how it works

Messagges via email or Whatsapp

Zak by WuBook Estimator allows you not only to send custom quotes to your potential customers, but also to send simple messages via email or Whatsapp web. You can also customize the content or use one of the predefined messages available in the software.


The advantages of the Estimator for hotels

Inspire your potential guests with a dedicated offer.


Create tailored quotes in a few clicks. Enhance them by entering your preferred photos and texts!


Create quotes with multiple offers and extras. For each offer, associate as many accommodation and extras as you want.


In addition to quotes, easily send messages via email or via Whatsapp web to your potential customers.


Easily monitor customer requests, generated quotes, those expiring, unread messages, etc. All in one interface.


Embed our estimator in your hotel website, so that you will receive all requests in the WuBook software automatically and simultaneously.


The Hotel Estimator integrated in the WuBook PMS allows you to manage estimates quickly even from the Planner, in the same way as you would enter a new reservation

Features in detail

  • Unlimited number of rooms and bookings
  • Unlimited customer archive
  • Products and rates
  • Price and product derivation
  • Reservation planner
  • Smart dashboard
  • Tool to limit access to your staff
  • Online check-in
  • Mobile app
  • Overbooking detection
  • Communication suite
  • Customer and booking tags
  • Customer merging tool
  • Housekeeping
  • Easy management of city tax
  • Meals and extras report
  • Online payment management
  • Advanced statistics
  • Emailing from your own address
  • Exportable prices history

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  • All basic management functionalities included
  • Free support included
  • Customized quotes and emails
  • Supported social network contacts
  • Integrated with all platform features
  • Modern and intuitive design
  • Multi-rate management
  • Mobile responsive
  • Widgets for your website
  • High customization of images and contents

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  • Automatic prices derivation
  • Availability and price management per portal
  • Control tool for checking the calendars alignment
  • Premier partner, AirBnb and Google
  • Easy availability management: close the sale with one click
  • Automatic overbooking detection
  • Integrated with Zak PMS and booking engine
  • 15+ years of experience

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  • professional quotes with custom text and photos
  • multiple proposals within the same estimate
  • attentional and graphically attractive layouts
  • customer requests easily convertible into quotes
  • quotes sending via email or Whatsapp web
  • integration with Zak's or your own website
  • dashboard to monitor requests, messages and estimates directly in the PMS
  • possibility to create estimates even from the Planner

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