WooDoo, connectivity for your software.

WooDoo is designed for technology partners such as independent developers or PMS, RMS or other types of software designed for hospitality. With WooDoo you can easily integrate a high-performance Channel Manager and Booking Engine using our API.


Channel Manager and Booking Engine for integrations

WooDoo world includes three different solutions that can be fully integrated with your software. Enrich your system with the connectivity of WooDoo Channel Manager, reliable, fast and with more than 100 OTAs to connect. Integrate WooDoo Booking Engine and get direct reservations from the property's website. Leverage our technology to add popular Metasearch and increase reservations.


Our classic Wired API with all the essential features and calls to manage Prices, Availability and Reservations directly from your PMS
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Discover the new Wired calls or the optimization of the existing features with the brand new API in JSON technology.
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Partner in 3 steps

How does WooDoo work?

More than 100 partners from all over the world already connect our Booking Engines and Channel Manager.

1. Contact us

We will answer all your questions and try to find the best solution to start a collaboration that will boost your business.
develop your API

2) Develop your API

By developing our API according to the information we will provide you with, you will already be able to perfectly interface WooDoo services with your software. Only one last step is missing.
create a wubook account

3) Create an account and start

The last step will be the creation of your Corporate Account, within which you can easily add and manage your customers. We will support you with a dedicated team both in the initial stages and throughout the duration of the collaboration.
Why choose WooDoo?

Quick and easy to develop APIs
Easily develop our Wired API thanks to the clear and complete documentation we offer. Our WooDoo development team is ready to always support you, but at the same time is constantly working to enrich our systems with new functions that are also useful for your business.

Monthly subscription
Our business model offers you total flexibility: buy only the services you need according to your customers' requirements. Activate or deactivate them monthly, without any constraints. Contact us and get a custom quote.

Technical support
A dedicated, multilingual support team will follow you from the development step to configuration and throughout the period of use of the services. 
At no additional cost.

How much does WooDoo cost?

Starting from our public prices, our partners will have special conditions depending on the number of services they will subscribe to.

We remind you that WooDoo Channel Manager public price is 7€/month per channel (up to 3 channels), 6€/month per channel (4 and 5 channels) and 5€/month per channel (6 channels and more).

WooDoo Booking Engine public price is 27€/month, while Metasearch cost 8€ per month. In addition, Google also charges a 10% commission for each reservation.


Sure! Just click on FREE TRIAL on the top right corner and create a free account for all your tests.
During the account creation, in the "How did you find us" box you must indicate that it is a test account.

Unfortunately not.
The only way to run a real test is to use a real OTA account related to a real property, for example Booking.com, and generating a reservation.

Yes, you can. Contact us for all the details.

In WuBook we are always very careful to listen to our customers and our partners. We are happy to hear suggestions,
ideas and feedback. If we consider an idea valid and useful for the general system enrichment, we won't hesitate to develop it.

Haven't found answers to what you're looking for? Contact us!

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