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dashboard mobile app

Fast and Intuitive

An innovative and clever design will allow you to do and see things in a few clicks. Everything is clear, easy to use and understand. Check your arrivals, departures, daily tasks and many other things in a quick view.

  • intuitive and modern
  • easy to use
  • fast and reliable

planner mobile app

ID card Scan

If you are at the reception desk you can use your webcamera to scan the ID card of your guest but if you manage apartments and you have to walk to the place to make on the fly checkins, then you can do it through our APP. Making checkins has never been so easy and fast!

  • Scan the ID Card of your guests
  • Digital storage of information
  • fast check-in process
reservation page mobile app

Book Rooms and change rates

In a fast changing environment like the one we work for, Hospitality, you need to take decisions and apply them in few minutes. Then, to act immediately, do it on your phone. Our APP feature to edit prices, closures, availability or even restrictions is super fast and comfortable.

  • closures, min stay, prices update
  • new reservations and check-in management
  • payments management
mobile app by WuBook

Be everywhere

If you run a small family business, then you are performing many of the tasks that hotels do with a full staff of people. Being always connected and able to answer phone requests, converting them into real bookings in a ew clicks wherever you are, is really amazing. WuBook provides you with this solution!

  • accessible from everywhere
  • always connected
  • oriented to increase sales revenue