Already 10 years with you

Wow! 10 years ago we founded WuBook and now we have customers from all over the world...

The feelings are a bit different from those of the startup period (after all our salaries are now decent!): we are continuosly under pressure and our work is always a great challenge: but you already know that we are brave! The team is growing fast and the expansion of our team is increasing with the pace of our business. The work environment is fantastic: professional, friendly and welcoming. Feel free to visit our offices at “Fenilot” in Fano and we’ll show you live. Our colleagues in Saint Petersburg will also welcome you with open arms! Particular thanks to our Russian staff; luck truly reigned on our team with their collaboration. It is not only very effective, but has resulted in a rich blending of different cultures!

Our technologies, today

WuBook is so flexible and advanced..

We are constantly staying in line with our client’s needs and our services are truly reliable. WuBook is listed on 59+ servers.
Our professional staff is in continuous expansion, and we all take pride in being current with state of the art technology. The organization of our work is based on combining this scientific base with our managers’ technical skills and updated input from all members of staff. Everybody at WuBook is motivated and wants the best for our clients. Choices are made with the goal to have innovation and reliability for all.

Our place in the market

WuBook is becoming one of the best providers of technology in the world..

Our passion for information technology has forced us to better our skills on a regular basis and our principles are stronger than ever:

  • Our strong selling point is that actions speak louder than words!
  • Our technology is for ALL businesses, big and small.
  • Our goal is to provide useful and honest services that you can trust.

WuBook always had a very important role in the market; our honest, highly competitive prices have made our technology widespread. We are on the right side, and that side can be yours!