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Customers want to analyze your rates and offers before getting in contact with you or book rapidly your rooms. Not providing an Online Reception could produce a loss of contacts. Instead showing your prices will allow you to define your target customer and reduce inappropriate requests. Internet is a fundamental selling channel and must be exploited by adopting on your website technologies that will allow your customer to use an online reception, exactly in the same way you would provide your contact number or email.

The Booking Engine is a reservation system you install in your website to make it your direct sales channel. This tool converts visits into direct reservations. With an elegant and simple interface your clients will make a reservation in few seconds.


Extremely effective, even more if connected to the channel manager .
Manage all reservations both from OTAs and direct on a single interface.


You will be able to adapt both the Widget and Booking Engine into a natural extension of your website. Visits will become reservations.

Safe and secure

Get a credit card or a payment as guarantee. We are certified and able to manage personal data to guarantee the maximum of safety.

4.3K Booking Engine worldwide
1686 Reservations received yesterday
36.9M Reservations ever since


Geolocalized Special Offer

You will be able to create special offers on your booking engine to make it the best online offer. You can set individual restrictions and conditions for a specific market. Moreover you can geolocalized the offer to drive more reservations from one country or to assign them special affordable rates .


You will be able to create special packages including rooms and extras and try to differenciate your direct sale from intermediaries. With few clicks you will be able to add any extra or service to upsell and increase revenue. Your guests will be happy to enrich their reservation to better plan and organize their stay in advance .


You will be able to automatically send a feedback request to your guests at the end of their stay. This way you can improve your service and let them suggest you how to do it. The survey is flexible and you can request feedbacks on each aspect of the service you offer. This way to keep in touch with customers is really important to increase loyalty .

Discount codes

You can build and distribute discount codes which are a powerful tool to retain customers and get them repeat reservations through customized offers. You can dedicate a rate or special condition to ANY of your customers without affecting the global offer.


Our Booking Engine is ready for bidding and automatically accept or refuse price offers made by your visitors in order to engage them in a bidding process. This way you will be able to offer them always a personalized and private offer that provide a mutual benefit. All this without manual efforts.

Different boards

Obviously you will sell your rooms under different boards (Room Only, Breakfast,Half Board, etc..) and rates will be calculated automatically if you prefer so. This price management can be, again, effortless .


Each occupancy a different price. If this is your pricing policy, then you should be able to make it automatically and easily. WuBook offer you the chance to make a price for each occupancy, making prices based on the number of adults and children .

Extra or Discounts

You will be able to upsell by easily adding products and services to the online reservation process. Your guest will have the chance to book their stay completely adorned by the extras they need. Booking tours, activities, Spa and Wellnesses, Airport shuttles or any other additional object you offer will be very easy .

Mandatory Costs

You will be able to add mandatory costs for each room type (cleaning service for each apartment type for example) to complete the final rate of the reservation.

City Tax

If in your place the government charges a city or turistic tax to your guests, then you can warn them in advance with a system that calculate automatically the cost of it.

Payment Gateway

If you prefer to charge your guests a deposit as guarantee of the reservation then we offer you a list of partners that already work with us. We have a list of payment gateways that can charge your guests for you (Paypal, Stripe, MercadoPago, RedSys, among others) .

Credit Card as guarantee

As a competitive reservation model you can confirm reservations in real time to your customers by requiring a credit card as guarantee of it. They will simply insert the Credit/Debit card details and the system will store them in a safe and secure server to whici you only can access in total security. We are PCI-compliant and spend many efforts to procure the highest parameters of security .

Flexible dates results

Our system is smart and will offer alternative dates to those of your visitors looking for not available rooms. They will find very easy how to adapt their stay researches to your availabilities in real time.

Detailed statistics

You will have access to any kind of data and statistic over the performance of your online Booking Engine. We track visits and conversions producing smart reports including the most important KPIs to better understand business trends and improvements to be done. Stats on average booking stay, room nights sold, visits based on countries, etc .


You can keep track of all the accesses to your booking engine, detect the source country and website your visitor is coming from, the device used to check availability and prices, the browser or system used for it. This will give you a complete and deep view of your direct leads provider. The reservation system of your wbsite!


WuBook offers also a considerable number of plugins to manage and perform specific actions and needs. As an example of a useful plugin, you can send automatic emails to your customers maintaining the communication pre checkin, during the stay and after the checkout. With another one, you can export availability data, or create Yield Rules to improve revenue automatically and effortless. Go to Plugin page.

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