Frequently Asked Questions by Hotel and Bed & breakfast

Are WuBook, WooDoo and ZaK good for me?

If you have a tourist property and you feel the need to better manage it with Internet, WuBook (the online booking engine) and WooDoo (the channel manager) are very useful for performing services at every level (from a 5 star hotel to a bed and breakfast). ZaK is a PMS (management for hotels and bed and breakfasts) that is suitable for small or medium size structures and becomes very helpful when managing your reservations and archiving your customers. If you need a P.M.S. for bigger structures (at least seventy rooms) please contact us, as WuBook and WooDoo are supplemented by different P.M.S. .

Why has WuBook such a name?

The name is inspired by WuMing, a literary collective modern, innovative, Italian and young! Their work has an international appeal and represent for us the existence of those new energies, young, oriented to an honest and excellent professionality. Italy has a desperate need of those characteristics, so we know our values and vision are helping to create a positive future .

Are there any commissions for the reservations?

Regarding the reservations made through the portals (Channel Manager), the answer is no. As for direct reservations (coming directly from your website, where you have installed WuBook as your booking engine) it depends on the business model that you choose. You can subscribe WuBook with a fee (no Commmission ) or a commissions model .

Can I try it before buying?

Yes, of course. Browsing this site, you can activate an WuBook account and explore our services. The services will be active at 100% and if you decide to subscribe it, your work will remain. Please note that the channel manager is activable for free for each channel, for at least a couple of weeks, but to prove it, first you need to connect an OTA .

Will you help me?

Sure. From a practical point of view, if you are interested to use our services, we will offer a free training section. Even two. We are even very fast and accurate to manage every support request and we work 7 days a week .

How much will it cost?

WuBook has prices in line with the international market and has an international flavour, so please go to our Pricing page to find out more .

Is it difficult?

Not at all. We develop our work taking into consideration the high final graphics interface to allow a smooth and simple use. However, we need to say that WuBook, as every management software of Hotel and bed and breakfast is complete, rich and complex. It is important to familiarize with the system .

Can I only use either the channel manager or the online booking engine?

Yes. If you take a look to the page of the prices, there are prices listed for each individual service .

Can I connect WuBook to my P.M.S.?

This is technically possible, because WuBook provides an xml interface that allows any third-party software to interface it. However, you need the cooperation of the team that develops your PMS. From our side, we welcome everyone with open arms and we boast a very fast and reliable interface, already connected by a dozens of users, responding to hundreds of thousands of requests every day!

Is my website compatible with WuBook?

Sure. Every site is compatible with WuBook, because WuBook is simply designed and respects web standards. 90% of the time the implementation of online booking (Online Reception) on your site is completely straight-forward. For the remaining 10%, it is typically still very simple. There may be more complex cases, but we are talking about a very linear job that any web professional can do in a few minutes, or at the most, in a couple of hours. We offer full assistance in these cases .

Are Joomla and Wordpress compatible with WuBook?

Yes. In addition, WuBook also provides two official plugins, one for Wordpress and one for Joomla. The Joomla plugin does not work in every case as it depends on the type of Joomla installation. If this happens you can still implement the booking in a simple way by proceeding directly to the pages and writing a small extension or a real custom plugin. Again, we offer full assistance in these cases.

Do I need an installation?

No.WuBook is very modern and cloud based. Everything is online, accessible from any PC connected to the network :)

Can I provide your services to my customers?

Yes. We can put you in a position to manage all of our technologies for your customers, combining your brand with WuBook. The economic benefits are very attractive and our level of professionalism is high, so we require the same level of professionalism and effectiveness from those we work with.

Can I sell your services?

If you want to receive information about the opportunity to be our partner, please write to We require professionalism and reliability, and we give them in exchange too!

Can I integrate the channel manager to my online booking?

Yes. You can connect your system to WuBook via XML and provide a channel manager directly integrated in your products in an automatic and transparent way .

Can I integrate the channel manager to my P.M.S.?

Yes, you are welcome to do that .

White label?

We only offer the possibility of co-branding. Why? Not because we don't want to offer a white label, but as the work required to create a commercial solution of this type is so time consuming, we consider co-branding an excellent compromise. We want to avoid wasting our energy on commercial issues so we can instead concentrate on innovation and technical perfection .