From guesthouse to property manager in a flash


Andra is a hospitality factotum. She has been able to combine her organizational and practical skills by turning an occasional activity into a successful business thanks to WuBook.

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The results

  • - 20% on management costs
  • + 40% bookings

The story

Andra is a property manager but started out as a guesthouse. With the 7rooms project - an accommodation business consisting of seven rooms in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland - she became familiar with the art of hotel management. A modest start, however, was matched by a lot of commitment. In fact, Andra, who is a factotum, managed all the necessary tasks completely on her own, in a practical and modern way, and with excellent results. The profession of Property Manager was a natural consequence of her management skills. Some local owners, spectators of her success, suggested that she also manage other flats on Lake Lugano, and so from occasional guesthouses Andra became a professional Property Manager. Now Andra manages more than 20 flats between Bissone and Lake Lugano.
Lugano lake

The challenge

The work of property management requires constant attention and care. There are many contingencies in this job because it involves managing several properties under one manager. The guests do not know how much work is behind it so they demand precision and timely responses. That's when Andra realized that in addition to the help of technology, she needed a partner who could advise her on how to simplify and automate management as much as possible. 
Initially Andra chose a management software but, without being clear about what to expect, she chose the wrong software. She struggled to get to grips with the logic of the software and even found herself managing overbooking!
 Initial discouragement was followed by a desire to try again and, by a casual coincidence, WuBook arrived at the right time!

"When I decided to use a management system, I chose another software that made me quite confused, even overbooking!"

Homyrent apartments

The solutions

In WuBook, Andra finally found the reliable and intuitive software she was looking for. The high modularity and the possibility of real-time discussion with the service and sales teams allowed her to configure her ideal platform with considerable time and energy savings. WuBook has been a constant advisor for the optimization of flat sales. During the pandemic, for instance, she was able to guarantee security for her guests through online check-in while reducing management costs. Adding domotics integrations to the platform made the business even easier. WuBook reservation system provides for multi-property management and this has allowed Andra to organize, in a single dashboard, all the reservations from all the flats, giving her complete control over her entire business while suggesting how to manage rates according to sales trends.Together with WuBook Andra has experienced an exponential growth!

"WuBook helped me to reduce management costs and at the same time create a new fashion: the automated property! A system that is still highly appreciated by my guests."

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"I have to say that having the WuBook all-in-one by my side was like taking a breath of fresh air! "

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